5 weeks

Morgan has now reached the 5 week mark and I must admit that week 4 was probably the toughest week but well see what week 5 has in store for us.

The reason I say week 4 was so tough was I thought we had Morgans schedule all under control and then comes the 4 week mark and bam wham everything changed in the matter of hours. We went from having her sleep 8 hrs to sleeping in 1 hr spurts which was tough I must admit.

Last night she slept for 6 hrs and I thought I was in heaven I must admit, sleep is just well so very important. We both need our sleep but its amazing how even though you can be sleep deprived you somehow figure out how to function and its all worth every single minute and I wouldnt change a thing!

Morgan is definitely going through a growth spurt and with that growth spurt have come many, many more fussings than it seems like we got before 4 weeks but we are taking it day by day. Another thing Im still trying to figure out is her daytime schedule which I feel like Im trying to read up on everything just to figure it out. She is nursing about 10-15 minutes each time because she wont eat anymore usually and Im trying to get her to go   every 2 hours right now and work our way up (it was every hour). Then her naps are very, very short at 30 minutes to an hour at max. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to share.

We got our proofs back yesterday from the professional photographer and they are AMAZING! We are going to wait to show everyone until the birth announcements are sent out and then I will share all of them. We got the proof back on our birth announcements today and they should be back hopefully by next Friday or early the next week. I cant wait to see them in person we did something very different with lots of pictures. We are also going to finally redo the blog with pictures of Morgan and our little family. Here is a teaser pic for now :)


Chrissy said...

Aw, that's a cute pic. Looks like Morgan is smiling.

I was never into a routine with Addison. I just followed her cues and gave her everything she wanted. It kept her happy and me sane. I know some people are really big into schedules, and that's cool if that's what you need. I'm just a whatever kind of person and it worked well for us.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to get a baby on a schedule before 3 months. Even my pedriatrician said it really isn't possible until then. So don't stress about a schedule. I have a 4 month old whose schedule had become consistent, but now suddenly it's all changed because he's not taking long naps like he used to. Babies are always changing, so their schedules will too!

Rosie said...

I'm loving the new blog! The picture of ya'll is so sweet.

Babies don't have the chemical in their brain before three months in order to understand a schedule for sleep. You can however force one on her for her feeding times and it works. It took Gavin about 2 days to get used to his. She's growing so fast so don't stress about it yet. Just follow her cues.

Oh yea, my advise on sleep...TAKE TURNS!

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