Back at Work

Well this week has been my first week back at work and I must admit its been TOUGH! I still have not managed to figure out how to eat Morgan when I get home, cook dinner, and still spend time with her. Im sure I will figure it all out but for now its so very overwhelming for sure.

Monday on my day back I seriously cried my entire way to work. I thought I would be ok the day before but when Chad and I dropped her off for her first day-yeah the tears started rolling for sure.

Thursday morning we went to the pediatric ENT specialist for Morgans nose and the doctor thinks that her nose is fine with the birth mark and said it may get a little worst but by 9-12 mths it should be almost gone if not totally gone.

Last note-Morgan has finally got a good night time routine down and is sleeping from 8:30 to 6 am straight so almost 10 hrs of sleep-yeah! Its taken a little work but so far its worked well.

Morgan trying to tell mommy all about her day-so cute :)


Nerida said...

The first day back at work is always hard. I cried all the way too. It's always harder on the Mums than the babies. You'll work out the balance of things in time - don't stress too much about it. It's always good to spend some snuggle time with her when you get home - dinner can wait a while.
Good news about Morgan's nose.

Leah said...

Sorry being back at work has been a difficult adjustment. I'm already dreading my time back as well.

Angie said...

I've found some great crock-pot recipes and lots of cook ahead cook was geared towards cooking one month at a time. I told my husband we would need to get a stand alone freezer for that one.

It will get easier over time. :) I cried for quite some time. Glad to hear that the pediatric ENT had soem good news regarding Morgan's birth mark.

cheryllookingforward said...

I hope you are doing better this week. Being back at work sucks so much! I hope everyone is right about it getting easier!

Dianne said...

Sorry about the work thing! But congrats on the sleep schedule. Love the pic it is SO cute!

Dana said...

It is so tough being at work. And the thing about our jobs is that we bring so much home with us! I have really had to learn to budget my time so I don't go crazy! I feel your pain sweetie!

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