Weekend here!

Wow what a week it has been. This week was the first week that students were back and to say it was tough was an understatement. The first week of students back though is always tough because you have to get back into "teacher mode" and plan, tell kids to shut their mouths, etc. and it wears you down quick until you get back into the rhythm of things.

Then on top of that Morgan has had the roughest week ever of sleep which makes for a very long week. She got a little sniffly nose from mommy changing sides in our room and not realizing it was right under a vent. So with a sniffly nose that means little sleep which makes for a super tired mommy along with a first week of school.

 sleeping away yesterday after getting fed. She usually has to have a little baby nap (20-30 min) to make it.

Yesterday was my little brothers birthday he turned 23 and today is my dads birthday and he turned 55.

Its the weekend and I just hope that Morgan will sleep tonight so mommy can get some sleep and catch up on it. I cant believe she is already 11 weeks, time is flying by and she is growing away. She is so much fun and all our spare time is spent playing with her now.

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Rosie said...

It's gets easier. I hope you both get some much needed rest this weekend.

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