Best of the Week

I just wanted to share some of the best things that I have ran across this week. Some "Link Love" if you will.

The Denver Post has an excellent photo essay featuring rare color photographs from the depression era. Color photography was a relative new concept at this time, many of us have never seen color pictures from this era.

John Piper talks about marriage. "Staying married is not about staying in love."

Girl Talk has concluded their awesome series on envy, the Snare of Compare. They have made the entire series available in an easy to read PDF.

Our former pastor, Ray Ortland, shares some words from Jonathan Edwards.

Kevin DeYoung with a great synopsis on the difference between election and predestination. And yes, my non-Reformed friends, there is a difference.

Sandra McCracken has a new CD, "In Feast or Fallow," a great acoustic version of the title track is on her webpage.

Sigh. As a teacher, this kind of thing infuriates me. But, hey, at least it wasn't a university.

And finally, grab a tissue in case you haven't seen this week's video that is all over Facebook and in every inbox.

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