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Today I am a guest blogger over at The Domestic Wannabe. She features a new blogger every Wednesday if you want to check it out. My post for the blog...
My name is Amber and my blog is A Life Uncommon . My husband, Chad and I have one child, Morgan who was born on May 28, 2010. We live in Mississippi. After getting married on May 24, 2003 we lived in Starkville (Go MSU Dawgs!) and then moved to Nashville  (2 years) before moving back to Mississippi to be closer to our family in 2007. After a struggle with infertility we got pregnant with our little girl and she has blessed our lives. I am a high school business teacher and my husband Chad is a software engineer for the  school district and we love all the time we get off to spend with Morgan.

Today I am doing the life of Morgan on a Sunday since we get to spend the entire day together:) Normally Morgan sleeps from 8:00 to 6:00 am straight but for some reason the past 2 nights she has decided that sleeping is not as much fun. I believe she is starting to teethe which maybe a little why.

12:22 am-wakes up and wants to nurse
12:30-first diaper change of the day
12:33 to 12:40-Morgan nurses
12:50-I think she is back to sleep so I go lay down only to find out she is awake very quickly
1:10 to 1:20 am-Morgan is back up and her little tummy is not full so I nurse her again
1:30-back to sleep she goes until 6:05 am (4 hrs, 35 min)

6:18-needs her diaper changed just a wet one for now

6:22-nurses for 22 minutes
7:18 to 7:58-she falls asleep and I lay down with her for a few minutes until I need to get up to get ready for church.  Chad leaves at 7:40 because he had setup that morning at church.
7:35-I finally get up and leave her laying in our bed and she decides to wake up about the time I hop out of the shower.
8:00-figure out that I had left my makeup in the car after Chad had already left so I went out to search for  some makeup to see what I could find. Found something that will work.
8:10-I start to get dressed and put Morgan in her bouncy seat while I dry my hair and straighten it.

8:35-mommy finishes getting ready-Morgan gets a little bored in the bouncy seat so I sit her on the bed

8:40-time to get Morgan dressed for church

8:45-get bottles ready to go and start getting ready to go out the door so I can leave on time

8:55-finally leave the house

9:00-have to stop and get gas before heading to church and decide that breakfast sounds good since I actually left in time to do so.
9:25-get to church and meet Chad and he brings her into the nursery
9:30-11:35-Morgan is in nursery we went to church and Sunday School
11:40-go pick up Morgan and figure out its pouring down rain and for the one time I dont bring a blanket in is the time I need it. Morgan gets a few drops of rain on her but I was trying to shield her as much as I could.
12:00-went over to my parents while Chad finished taking down things at the church. My aunt and uncle came in from Louisiana to see my grandad who is not doing so well (he is almost 92). That was the first time that they have met Morgan.
12:10-determine that Morgan has her first poopy diaper of the day and grandma (my mom) gets to do the honors.
1:00-we eat lunch while grandma feeds her the bottle.
1:30-we finally head home and Morgan falls asleep within seconds of leaving my parents house.
1:40-we get home and I decide that a nap sure does sound good so while Morgan takes a nap I laid down on the couch and took one as well.
2:45-Morgan wakes up from her nap and I change her wet diaper
3:00-Morgan decides that one nap wasnt enough so she needs another one.
3:45-she wakes up
3:50-Chad runs over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for church tonight. I play with Morgan and start to fix the bottle.

4:15-we head out for church and forgot something at Wal-Mart so we stop by the one closer to our church group.
5:00-arrive at our community group for church and were the only ones there for about 15 minutes as the others were running late.
5:30-Morgan decides that a bottle is in store after her last one was at 1:00 so thats 4.5 hrs.
5:45-everyone starts to eat and Morgan is finishing up her bottle
6:00-I grab a plate to eat dinner while Morgan is still a happy camper since her belly is now all full
6:15-lesson starts for our group and Melissa holds her for a while until she discovers that she has a bad poopy diaper
6:30-I go change her and boy was it a bad one.
6:40-come back after changing it. She sits still for a little while and then it quickly turns south.
6:50-daddy holds her and takes her outside and she falls asleep
7:00-community group is over with but Chad helps out with a computer issue
7:15-we wait for daddy to stop chit chatting so we can head home

7:30-we finally head out and I call my cousin Joy back as she wants to know how grandad (who is almost 92) is doing. Pretty much tell her that things arent looking so grand for him. Just dont think it will be long.
Morgan is screaming bloody murder because she is ready to be home and pretty much cries the entire way home. Nothing seemed to help for long. She was tired and that combo just doesnt go over well.
8:00-we get home and Morgan starts cracking up laughing. Now we are truly convinced that Morgan just doesnt want to be away from home. She has done this on more than one occassion of screaming then we get home and she stops crying.
8:02-daddy gets a quick pictures of Mommy and Morgan before changing into her nightime items

8:05-get her changed for bed time, discover that her new favorite word is tootsie socks. Anytime I say this she just cracks up laughing-silly little girl.
8:22-nurses for 21 minutes
9:00-she is out for the night (and hopefully she will sleep all night:)

Questions from Ashley....
1.  What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mother?
I know everyone says how much you will love your child but the love and what you will do for the child is amazing. There is absolutely nothing that I will not do for this little girl and her smiles just melt my heart.
2.  What are some tips you would give to new moms, or soon to be mommas?

Take things day by day. Just because you think everything is grand one day it maybe totally different the next day. I am a person who loves schedules but during the day I about drove myself crazy and have learned not to have such a strict schedule. In the morning and at night those are set in stone but the rest of the day is not. I found that trying to make such a strict schedule just made me a crazy person.
3.  What are your top three baby products?

1) Bouncy seat-I dont know how I would function without this thing-its wonderful!
2) iphone app baby connect -it has kept me sane so many times. Its well worth the money. Ive used this since day 1 and I put in all of Morgans stats about her weight, height, what she eats, when she sleeps and I can go back and compare days, months or weeks. Chad and I both work in technology so we of course love technology and anything that can make our lives easier Im all for it!
3)Lamaze cube -she loves this little ball and even when fussy this can seem to calm her down most times

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