Questions Answered...

Ive had a few questions lately and thought I would just answer them at once....

1) when are you going to start? 
We are trying to get rice cereal down and then once she gets that down I will start trying to make the baby food.

2) Did something happen to her nose? It looks like it got injured or something. Hope she's okay! 
She has a hemangioma which should go away by the time she is 1-2 years old. We have gone to a plastic surgeon and a pediatric ENT just to make sure it was not going to grow into her nose and block her breathing. THe pediatric ENT wasnt concerned at all and said it may get a little worst before it gets better but should start going down by the time she is 9 months old.

3) Did your ped recommend juice?
she did not recommend juice but said we could try it out if we wanted to but again it was up to us. She never recommended regular juice but infant juice which is super diluted if we wanted to do juice. Its something that we will not be doing for a while or even thinking about until we get all of the vegetables and fruits in order.

For an update on the cereal-we tried her twice and she has just screamed bloody murder on it. 
Picture of the 2nd day
We are taking a few days off and seeing if maybe she will do better later. I had a recommendation to try oatmeal instead of rice and somehow that seemed to work for others if they dont take to cereal first.

Right now Morgan is still breastfeeding twice a day (morning and at night) and then taking a bottle of formula 3X a day. Ive learned my lesson the hard way that she does not want to take a bottle of formula at night because the few times Ive given her formula at night she has not slept well at all. Breastfeeding is still going well for the 2X Im feeding her but if we go out at night it makes it really tough.

Ive also read up on the review of the Beaba Babycook from Williams-Sonoma which I have eyed since I saw it months ago. After reading many reviews online Ive come to the conclusion that I would be spending a lot more time with it. Im leaning right now to just buying a steamer and then I can cook a lot more food and just freeze it. If anyone has any recommendations for specifics please let me know.

Also, for storage of the food if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Any other questions please let me know:)

Just a few pictures
how I found Morgan the other morning when I went to pick her up. Yes her little leg was hanging out and she also turned herself all the way around. Her head was at the top of the bumper when I laid her down.

Happy girl after her shots-you can see she got shots on both legs and she got tweety bird bandaids:)


Leah said...

She's such a beauty Amber. I love reading your blog cause my baby girl is a couple months behind her, and I love knowing what to anticipate with growth and feedings. :)

Baker said...

Love that hot pink polk-a-dot onsie! She's such a cutie! :)
Sidney still sticks her legs out of the bed, we're about to move her to her big girl (full) bed after her birthday, I hope she doesn't roll right out of it!

Good luck w/ the food. You might try putting a little fruit in w/ your cereal. Both of my kids really liked that. :)

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