First Night

Well last night we finally made the transition to Morgan's crib. We kept saying we were moving her into her room earlier but it just didnt happen. First it was Chad got pneumonia, then Morgan got a cold, then we went to Alabama to visit all of Chads family but finally last night was the night.

Morgan did wonderful and slept from 7:55 pm to 5:40 am. Im so proud of my little girl for doing so well on the transition but it did make me a little sad not to have her by my side all night long. Of course I kept staring at the video monitor last night thinking she would wake up or need me for something but nope she slept the whole night.

Last night her new thing she loves is to be put in the air. Here she is with her daddy-so adorable

In other news...

  • Wednesday she has her 4 month appointment (could it really already be time for this). Im taking the entire day off and cant wait to spend the entire day with her and daddy is taking half the day off so should be fun:)
  • Last Tuesday she took her 3 month professional pictures and I cant wait to get them back she was so adorable.
  • Morgan has turned into our little talker. I only wish that I could figure out what she was saying
  • Morgan has figured out how to fake cry and it cracks Chad and I both up. It is the funniest thing ever and then when we look at her she just giggles at us.
Maybe I will get better about blogging. Things have just been insanely busy with trying to figure out a schedule and enjoying time with Morgan

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Jenny said...

I cannot believe it's been 4 months almost!

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