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In the next few weeks/months we will be transitioning to baby food and I want to get a head start on this research thing while I have the moment. Just wondering how many moms out there have made their own baby food. If so, what would you recommend on getting started to know on how to do it and is there a particular food processor that you recommend. Im also looking at several books as well and wondering any books that really helped you to get to know how to do it?? Thanks for any help and advice on getting started!

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Angie said...

Hi there! I made Cooper's food with the exception of prunes which I bought at the store. I used as my biggest resource. As far as equipment--- I found covered ice cube trays at Bed, Bath, & Beyond which were my favorite. The cubes just slid out of them. I tried a lot of different (and by different I mean cheaper) trays, and they were a pain to get out for me. Also, the covers worked well while I was waiting for them to freeze---saved on the foil/plastic wrap. Then I would just plop them into a freezer bag or tupperware container with the name of veggie/fruit and the date I made it. When I wanted to make larger portion I used silicone muffin cups, but I know that they make special cups, etc. that can be frozen....I just used what I had on hand. I either used my stovetop or microwave steamer for most things except for squash which I typically roasted in the oven. And I used my regular old food processor. Nothing fancy here. I would typically set aside one day on the weekend and do three or four different things. At first, one day would make enough to last for a few weeks since we were trying one item for several days to rule out any allergies. I think something important to do is to remember to steam and puree things like onions, mushrooms, etc. when you're ready to mix it up a bit. I would add them to green beans, squash, etc. to "spice" it up. Two of Coop's favorites in the beginning (and still today) are avocado and banana which can be done right before eating. Of course, they can have a little lemon juice added to keep them from discoloring and can be frozen too. That website I mentioned will help with knowing which veggies can be steamed and then pureed with the juice/water they were steamed in....some should not use the water/juice because of nitrates, etc. (carrots, etc.) and they also have a lot of recipes for beginning finger foods and casseroles to make.

Good luck--- I loved making Cooper's food. At first I thought it just may be too time consuming, but I kind of got into the routine of doing it and it wasn't overwhelming at all. I would also get enough veggies to make for the rest of the house, and just did part for Cooper so it was like two birds with one stone. I would have several veggies dishes for the week for all of us. :)

Miranda said...

I loved making our own food. I wish I had the food mill everyone talks about but I made due with a blender. I was at my parents house one day and made TONES of food and froze it and just popped out the ice cubes when needed. Each ice cube (in the trays) are about 1 oz. If you freeze them in trays, pop them out and put them in a freezer bag you are good to go! Just pull 1 or 2 out, let it thaw on the counter for a bit, heat in the microwave if you want and you are good to go!

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

(Erica from websisters)

I make most of our twins' food. We bought jarred at the beginning so I could get an idea of texture, and we also used them for camping and our vacation. I also used The only thing is it can be a little nutty about being all fresh/ organic/ totally natural/ no microwaves/ whatever. I also used a book called "So Easy Baby Food" by Tallman and Ahlers (I think). It only has fruits and veggies, but it was good to give me an idea of how to make stuff using frozen and canned produce, and using the microwave. Much easier than fresh, esp. for things that need to be peeled or whatever. I used a blender, not a food processor. On vacation, MIL made some in her food processor, and my pickier eater didn't like it. In the beginning you will want a VERY smooth consistency - lots of water.

I make a batch of something every day, freeze it in covered ice trays (ours are by KidCo), then put it in a gallon ziploc with food and date written on. You can make stuff less often by making bigger batches, and remember, we are eating twice as much as Morgan will. Because I was unable to breastfeed, I am very glad I've been able to make so much of their food. It makes me feel like I, personally, am doing something to start them off on a good path to health.

We are starting to move to more finger/table foods (FINALLY!), and it's a little tricky to figure out what they can eat from our dinner, what I should serve pureed, what they can eat not pureed but not how we would eat it, etc. I'll be relieved when they are totally on table food, but this phase has been good.

Nikki Bonham said...

I am hopefully getting one of these because I have heard amazing things about it from friends who have them. Plus I figure if I'm going to be making enough for 2, I want to do it as quickly/efficiently as possible!!
when are you going to start?

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