Baby Food

Well Ive been meaning to post a followup to the homemade baby food post here.

For the containers, they are not nearly as good as I thought they were when I bought them or when I posted. After freezing them I soon discovered that the lids dont shut on all of them only some of them. If you just close them and dont freeze then they are fine but if you are doing baby food you will want to freeze it. So I guess the original ice cube trays are the only option.

So how did Morgan like the homemade baby food you may ask? Well to be honest she HATED it. She refused to eat it and is really particular about her food. She will only eat Earths Best and not any other brand. When I try to feed her any other brand/homemade food she refuses to open her mouth.

So our verdict is I guess we will be buying Earths Best until we can get her to eat table food.


Alison said...

I never even attempted to make homemade baby I think that's awesome that you at least tried it! :)

Sarah'sSmile said...

We started with home made from day one of food (rice and oat cereal too). That meant Wade didn't know any other taste!

Rosie said...

Aww what a bummer :(

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