A Theatrical Debut

Little Miss Morgan made her theatrical debut this morning, as one of several angels in her daycare's Christmas production.

So it wasn't The Shawshank Redemption, but it may have been better than Glitter.

All of the kids worked really hard on this production, especially Morgan, whose part included Mommy enthusiastically carrying her on stage while Daddy watched from a distance, with camera in hand. Grandma and Grandpa made an appearance, too. While on stage, Morgan was a perfect angel (pun intended).

The post-production party doubled as a birthday party for Jesus, and we were allowed to mingle with the stars. And the shepherds. And the sheep. And you know, I'd like to think that there is delight in the throne room of Heaven when the sounds of children singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus is heard.

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Kami said...

OK, this post made me teary. What a wonderful thing to say. Happy Birthday Jesus is correct. As they say, Jesus is the reason for the season. Too many people forget. I love the angel ouotfit. So cute!


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