Great Deal

Morgans favorite food of course-pears and mangos

I thought I would share this since so many other mommies out there love deals and Im all about a deal. Tonight I went to spend the $12 in R us Awards at Babies R Us. Not sure what I would get I looked around and found an awesome deal.

Today until Monday they have the Earths Best 1st and 2nd foods on sale 20 jars for $10 which is 50 cents.

Normally this food is 99 cents at Babies R us and the cheapest I have ever seen it was 67 cents when Babies R Us was running another promotion but normally the cheapest I ever get it is 72 cents at Wal-Mart.

So to say the least I stocked up on it and got 40 jars for only $8  (after the $12 R Us awards) which is a grand total of 20 cents a jar!! This deal is only good until Monday so dont delay!

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