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This may be suited more for my Reformed/Presbyterian friends, but any Christian parent would benefit from this.

Getting to the Heart of Parenting is a 5-DVD set by Paul Tripp. It normally sells for $59.99, but now until Tuesday, its on sale for $14.99 at the Westminster Seminary bookstore.

Paul is on staff at Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia. His brother, Tedd, is the author of the best parenting book available,  Shepherding a Child's Heart, a must have for any Christian parent.

Here’s a description of the DVD set:
Parenting is more than using your power to get children to behave in certain ways. Parenting is all about the exposure and change of the child’s heart. When the heart of a child changes the behavioral change that is needed will last. This is a great conference for parents raising children from age toddler through teen.
Learn how to be an instrument of heart changing grace in the little moments of life that God will give you with your children. Paul Tripp will begin with giving you a picture for God’s design for the family. Because if you don’t understand the family; you will never understand parenting. Then, Paul will help you to understand the life transforming and agenda setting things that the Bible says about the heart. Then, he will apply the principles about the family and the heart to the three primary stages of parenting.
In each stage Paul will give you the key issue of focus and practical steps for achieving what is important, at that particular stage of the child’s growth and spiritual development. Paul will also help you to identify those places where you are in the way of what God is calling you to do rather than being part of it by helping you to locate your own heart issues.

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