Oh sleep....

Oh I miss those precious days of sleep that this sweet little girl used to give us.

Now those 10 hr sleeping nights have been replaced with if we are lucky 2 hr stretches & then possibly an entire night of 5-6 hrs total.

I'm convinced this is just a stage and I'm sure it will get better when these teeth appear. At least that's what I keep telling myself since it's been going on now close to 2 months.

We have tried a little bit of everything and poor darling just isn't sleeping.

Looking at this cute little face makes me realize that it's all worth it even exhaustion.

If anyone has any advice on anything they think we may not have tried feel free and share.

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Leah said...

We are in the same boat with our 6 month old. She used to give us wonderful nights of interrupted sleep, and lately she's regressed. We asked her pediatrician, and he said it was quite normal for babies to go through different sleep stages! I hope we all get back to the sleep stage of actually getting sleep. :)

Mommy Becoming said...

Um. We are in the same place also. Have been for month or two now.

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