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So after a couple months of regression on Morgan's sleep patterns, resulting in night after night of waking up, rocking her back to sleep only to wake up 30 minutes later and repeat, we were willing to try anything.

How could this sweet child, who slept through the night a week after she was born, go from 9-10 hour nights to us considering four hour stretches a "good night."

So last night, we tried something so common - I guess we figured it was too simple. Chad moved the iPod dock to her room, and softly played lullabies as she went to sleep. We let the music play for about 45 minutes and she was sound asleep.

When the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, Chad turned around and said to me, "She slept through the night." To which I replied, "No she didn't." When I finally came to, I popped up and realized that she wasn't in the bed with us, and that she was still asleep on the video monitor. She had slept through the night. Praise God Hallelujah.

She woke up around 6 am for a solid 8-9 hour night. It may have been a one night wonder, it may have been that she had not slept well for a few days and she happened to be catching up. But hey,  it could have been that we've found the trick. A girl can dream, right?

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Kelli Ray said...

Hi Amber,

Ah, yes, a girl can dream. I'm still dreaming about getting my nights back. I hope it works out better for you.

Love all the pics. of little Morgan. Looks like you all had a really nice Christmas. :) Great recap of 2010. I hope 2011 is another great year for all of you.

~ Kelli

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