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Today I am joining many others for the Alma Maters over at Kelly's Korner. My alma mater is Mississippi State University-Go Dawgs!

Whats funny about my college experience is that I never stepped foot onto campus at MSU until after I signed the papers for my dorm. All my friends were going there and Haley needed a roomate so it sounded perfect. I would not have imagined my life any other way. I was at MSU from 1999 to 2005.

My stay at MSU begun in 1999 as a freshman and I roomed with a girl that I graduated high school with Haley. We had tons and tons of fun which included lots of afternoon naps, skipping class (only a few times of course) and hitting up all the parties after games. This was a picture of me, Becca and Haley. Becca liked to hang out in our dorm room a lot and she lived across the hall from us.

Haley was just a little obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and she was crazy but boy did we have a blast!

this was before an MSU football game with me, Becca, and Christen

the roses are the first thing that Chad got me about a week after in Feb. 2000 and yes I had to take a picture of them because they were beautiful!
this was a picture taken at a friends wedding about 7 months after we started dating. We sure do look young
 this was a picture of my roomate my freshman year in college and we got our first apartment. We were both in interior design majors and both from the same town and thought hey we will room together. This was before a football game.
 this was me, Becca, Marie and one of their Chi-O sisters at an MSU football game.

Chad graduated from MSU in 2002 and landed his first job in Starkville with the NFCA. This job required many long hours and lots of travel time. He got to work with his best buddy though.
at the Ole Miss football game all bundled up (yep we love some football!)

this was the group of people that I worked with at the MSU Alumni Association when I was in school. I loved that job and we always had so much fun! Picture is a little blurry thats the great technology that was around back then in 2002.

In May 2003-we got married and lived in Starkville

We went to Houston to see one of my good friends, Carie who attended Texas A & M and we met them in Houston. We watched the MSU vs. Houston game
me, Haley (freshman roommate), and Christen at the game

we were also pretty big basketball fans and went to New Orleans for the SEC Tournament and wore our mardi gras beads of course:)-Chad and me

2004-we moved into our first little rental house in Starkville and she was our neighbor, Brita and of course we had to go to the game that was pretty my our life.
Christen and me at the Ole Miss game-Christen was in law school at the time

In 2003, I accepted my first full time job at MSU at CBT (Computer Based Testing). This was 3 Graduate assistants that I got to be in charge of, me, and my boss Mary. This was at our going away party in 2005.
While working at MSU-CBT I was able to get my masters free of charge so I took them up on the offer and received my masters in Instructional Technology and Im so glad I did. Below is me with my two brothers and Chad.
After leaving MSU we went to live in Nashville for 2 years (2005-2007) and now are back home in Mississippi.
What a fun time I had while at MSU and we still go up there but not nearly as often now with Morgan. I hope that Morgan will be a MSU Alumni!


katherine said...

Go State! Love finding MSU grads!

Ashley said...

I'm a grad student at State now :) Go dawgs!

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