Something is Bothering Me.

And it might bother some of you too. Unfortunately, this will hit home for some of the people who read this.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, a holiday established in the fifth century by the Roman Catholic Church (and later abolished, after Hallmark "resurrected" the forgotten day to sell cards). I'm not against Valentine's Day, but its really not that big around our home. But for so many women, it has become one of the most important days of the year.

I know a woman whose situation saddens me. Her husband of several years spends three nights a week with his friends at bars, restaurants, etc. Every weekend during hunting season is spent in the woods, apart from his wife and two precious children. By her own admission, he treats her more like an employee than a wife when it comes to the affairs of the home.

But yesterday, she woke up to a dozen roses and a few balloons tied to her car, and she had dinner plans at a nice restaurant. She and her friends proudly proclaim him husband of the year. Similar feelings occur on their anniversary and her birthday.

Forget the fact that he's a total jackass the other 362 days of the year. Scripture is very clear on this. Women are to submit. Men are to sacrifice. How a man treats his wife is reflective of what he thinks of Christ. Contrary to many beliefs, this does not fall under the section heading "God's Rules for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentine's Day."

My husband is not perfect. He's a sinner like me, and I am the worst sinner I know. But I also know how he feels about me, every day, not just a couple days a year.


Rosie said...

Amen! I can't stand when women subject to that sort of treatment from their "man" and then praise them for their one good deed of the year. I know all too many women like this. Although it's nice to go on a date or receive flowers to celebrate, I sure don't need it b/c my husband makes sure I always know he loves me.

Michelle said...

Amen Girlfriend! My husband and I don't buy into the Valentine's Day thing! We wished each other a Happy Valentine's Day, but that was about it. It's more important to us the relationship we have EVERY day, not just that dumb holiday! It's sad that some women have become so completely drawn into and are obsessed with the roses and cards.

Mommy Becoming said...

Go Girl!

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