Big Week

This seems to be a huge week for Morgan and things that she is starting to do. I just cant seem to believe that it seems like within one week so much has changed and all pretty big things. This week marks 41 weeks (tomorrow) and Morgan has officially now been out of the womb longer then she was in it.

So what all has changed?
Crawling like a champ. She can now crawl all over the place and now we have to watch her a lot closer.
She can now pull up with ease. She was pulling up before but now she can do it all by herself with no help.
She has now gotten 2 teeth to pop through the skin. We have been waiting a long to for those two teeth
We got a new friend (the wooden giraffe) from Chads boss

Morgan began to enjoy baths again and now loves to splish splash and play with her ducky that she was terrified of last week.
She has eaten now a lot more (graham crackers, chicken spaghetti, fruit loops, chicken pasta, grits, ice cream sandwich) We are making head way and she seems a lot more interested in eating things and doesnt turn her nose up at everything. Im not sure how excited I can relay this makes me. I was really beginning to worry about it
In between all these big moments she had some time to kick up her foot and have her bottle

Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend tomorrow! Our Spring Break starts tomorrow and Chad and I both are off for it. We are looking forward to spending our time as a family and heading out to let Morgan have some fun. Hopefully it will be a relaxing and fun week!

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