First trip to Zoo

Well its only been 11 days since I posted last time and Im sure everyone has disappeared and probably forgot about the blog including me but whos counting the days?! Last week we were on Spring Break and had a busy week but today well talk about Morgans first trip to the zoo in Jackson.

We were planning on going to the Birmingham Zoo when we were there but unfortunately with cold weather one day, rain and well Morgan not sleeping well we took a rain check and said we would go to the smaller zoo first to make sure that Morgan would be ok with it.

Well Morgan wasnt sure what to think about it but we ended up getting a yearly pass which was a great deal. It was only $30 for all of us to get into the zoo for the year + we get in free to some zoos (Birmingham-usually $28 for 2 adults) and if its not free its discounted. So if we go twice it will pay for itself.

So on to the pictures of our first trip to the zoo
A big Sophie
not sure what to think about all the excitement at the zoo
Alligator time
 we saw a few ducks
this glass thing got in her way of touching the turtle
pretty peacock that was out in the field
Mommy and Morgan (sun was in our eyes) with the pretty flamingos in the background
one little girl that was starting to get a little hot and worn out by this time (zebras in background)

Hopefully I will come back before 11 days this time. Its just been a crazy week with Spring Break and trying to cram as much stuff into a week. Now that the final nine weeks is here with school I cant wait. I still cant believe that means that our little girl will be one in a little over 2 months.

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Rosie said...

I love the big Sophie! lol.
Looks like she had a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll get to take Gavin soon if the weather permits.

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