11 Months

It was almost near impossible to take a picture this month but these are the best shots at them.
Yesterday Morgan made it to 11 months. That means that in less than a month my little baby will be a year old. It makes me a little sad that she is growing up so very quickly. I guess I need to get on the ball about planning her first birthday now that its less than a month away. She absolutely amazes me at the things she can do now.
Weight: 20 lbs 4 oz (53rd percentile)
Height: 29.75 inches (85th percentile)

Solids-she is loving eating anything and everything right now and I sure hope that doesnt change. We have yet to come across anything she doesnt like yet. She loves sweet potatoes, puffs of any flavor, breads, and mum-mums. Sweet little girl has figured out what is bread and what is not and will eat the bread first and then eat the rest of her food. She is loving her breads just like her daddy! Snacks include lots of puffs, lil crunchies, yogurt melts and of course her favorites mum-mums.

Sippy Cup is going very well and you love both of your sippy cups. We had one starter one which you now hate because it doesnt come out fast enough for you but the other two you love.

Liquids-she is drinking 3-5 oz (3X a day), then 7 oz at night. She is getting to where she just really doesnt want the bottle anymore and would prefer to eat real food instead. She has also gotten to where she is pretty much totally weaned off breastfeeding this week which makes me a little sad.

Diapers-size 3
Clothes-Shirts, Pajamas, dresses (12-18 months), pants (9-12 months). If you werent so long I think we would definitely be in 12 months but they are just too snug.

Shoes- size 4 shoes (finally found some great shoes that fit wonderfully!)

Words- mama, dada, daddy, mommy, baba (bottle), hey, wuv you (love you). Of course raspberries will always be in your vocabulary and have been for some time.

Teeth-You have a total of 4 teeth (well 2 that are almost in now). 2 on bottom and 2 on the top.

Standing by yourself is getting to be better. You can stand for a few seconds without furniture before falling. No steps yet but mommy thinks it wont be long!
If we would only give you tissue I think you would be in hog heaven. You love to rip it up to pieces.

Sleeping is getting better and usually you wake up one time at night. You usually sleep in your bed for the first hour to two then are transferred into mommy and daddys bed. You slept through the night in your room one night but that was only one night. Mommy and daddy are hoping soon you will sleep in your bed again but with your teeth coming in and hurting you we have to give lots of love out.

Sickness seems to be at a cold you had for 3 weeks but I think it is finally gone thank goodness! There was no cough just a runny yucky nose.

You love to play with any type of cellular phone, especially great grandmothers.

You love to bang on the shower door, especially if mommy and daddy are in the shower. Of course your favorite thing to do is probably to lock mommy and daddy in the shower when the other one has left so we cant get out. Its quite something else to move you without opening the door.

Naps seem to consist of one per day with usually anywhere from an hour to two hours. Every once in a while you have a 25-30 minute late afternoon nap.  Usually the nap is around noon but sometimes a little earlier. The late afternoon nap is usually around 4:30-5 pm if its taken but she has only taken that nap once this week.

You love playing especially outside. I think if we would let you, you would stay out there all day and night.  You do not want to be held you just want to go and go until you get worn out.

You are not a huge morning fan because mommy almost always has to wake you up before we go to work and you are not a happy camper with mommy and always give mommy looks like "cant you just let me sleep mom Im tired"
clapping at your first MSU game!
You can clap very well. We will even say clap and you get so excited and clap for us and its so cute!

You can sometimes wave but we are still working on that one for now. If we say bye-bye you will usually put your hand out almost like a wave. Sometimes we will get the wave out of you.

You do not always love to play with your friends at daycare especially when there is lots of people around. Hopefully you will get better at playing with your friends at daycare. They tell us that if only a few people are around you are fine but lots of babies and you start your crying for a little while.

You love taking off your socks and I think you do it just to see how much you can annoy your mommy. It works very well I must admit.

You still love playing pee boo with anyone who will play with you. Of course your favorite game is for  mommy to crawl and chase you around and pertend like Im going to get you. You always throw in lots of giggles which makes mommys day to hear those sweet little giggles.
You love bath time so much now that you climb up to the tub when its not bath time and just beat on the tub thinking mommy or daddy will stick you in just to play with your toys. Its very cute. Of course you love to play in the tub but dont like to get out of the tub very much.

You were not a fan of bully at all and screamed like he was about to kill you, poor thing. Maybe one day you will like Bully and going to football games like mommy and daddy!

Toys of the Month
Play Kitchen

Sophie the giraffe

Play table

Item that is a must in the diaper bag
Only one more month of these precious stickers but I think mommy will still be doing the monthly post because its a great reminder to mommy of all your accomplishments.

Happy 11 months sweet girl! We cant wait to see what next month holds and what a big month it will be with you turning one!


Madison Heights Children's Ministry said...

I love reading about you, Morgan!! You are precious! And your mommy and daddy are pretty great, too!!

Mommy Becoming said...

Oh man, our kids are growing up TOO FAST!!! She is so adorable and I love seeing how much she's doing and she's adorable. It's fun to see how much they do at or around the same time!

Stacey said...

Can't believe how time is flying! She's such a cutie. Almost a year already... wow!

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