Easter Egg Hunt

Morgan went to her first Easter Egg Hunt Saturday at our church with a few friends. Before they did the Easter Egg Hunt Mrs. Sherlie told the story of Jesus with the resurrection eggs

Trying to figure out what in the world was going on. She really hates the grass so sitting in the grass was just something she did not want to do at all. After mommy helped her to put the first one in her basket she got a little better.

She got a few more eggs and then of course had to check them out to see how many she had gotten. The one of her looking up maybe one of my all time favorite pictures now.
She of course had to share her eggs with mommy. Of course as soon as she would try to give it to me she would take it back and put it in the basket. It was quite funny. She enjoyed time with daddy and then her and Jack enjoyed the nice open field. Neither one of them would ever look up they just kept looking at each other and their baskets.


Rosie said...

So cute in her little outfit!

Rosie said...
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