Life can be too short

Wednesday I found out that a recent student that I taught for 2 years (11th & 12th) went into have a brain surgery. He passed out. This was a kid that had it all going for him but god had other plans.

About 30 minutes ago it was confirmed that he passed away. He went from pitching in a college baseball game to passing away in less than 2 days.

It's hard for me to put into words my pain that this family must be going through & for his girlfriend of several years.

I never thought I would see a former student passed away in my short 4 years of teaching.

It just goes to show you, never take life for granted because you are never promised tomorrow.

Here is the full story

Please pray for this family.

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Rosie said...

So sad. It's crazy how fast things can change. I've definitely learned that lately. Prayers sent to his family.

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