Best and Worst Foods

So I got the  email from babycenter and thought it was so interesting that I would share.

5 worst foods to feed your kid
* Soda
* Juice
* Crackers
* Processed meals
* Gelatin desserts
Click here for more information.

Would have never thought crackers and gelatin were on that list. The others dont surprise me though.

10 BEST foods
* Squash
* Lentils
* Dark green leafy vegetables
* Broccoli
* Blueberries
* Avocados
* Meat
* Prunes
* Garbanzo beans
* Mandarin oranges
If you want some more info about why they are good click here

In other news, Morgan thought it would be good to give mommy some big wet sloppy sugars but instead of a kiss I got my lip bitten by her 2 little teeth-ouch!


Just Believing said...

crackers!!!! good heavens what else is there LOL I kid ( kinda) but i think most of those are subjective obvioulsy soda's not good but crackers can be not too bad and a good little snack :)

The Bignon Family said...

Yikes! We pretty much live on crackers!!

Sarah'sSmile said...

Crackers are just empty carb calories so I am not surprised at all. The nutritional value is nil.

Rosie said...

Ouchie about the bite! That happens to my leg and it HURTS!
I got that email yesterday too and was a little guilty about the crackers. It's not like that's all I feed him though. It just holds him over till his dinner is ready.

Jen said...

looove your blog :)

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