Super Bulldog Weekend

on our way to see the bulldogs!
Saturday we took Morgan to her first ever Super Bulldog Weekend at MSU. We had planned on attending the baseball game against Florida but that quickly changed when we went to check the score and it was 10-0. No thanks I think we will pass as hot as it was.

So we visited with my brother and his girlfriend who are at MSU. Morgan got some good crawling time in and a good ringing of the cowbell also.

We went and visited around the campus and then went to the football game.
jumbrotron for football

she was absolutely terrified of bully-screaming at the top of her little lungs poor thing.

trying to figure out what in the world was going on at the spring football game with daddy

clapping for the bulldogs

happy girl but a little hot (it was only about 90 degrees!!)

not sure what to think of the grass...we were trying to give her some crawling time and she hated the grass!

last stop we ate at Obys and this was one little sleepy girl. She slept very well on the way home!


Mommy Becoming said...

I love that picture of her sweet!

Cat said...

hi amber! Just noticed you started following me on twitter, so thought I'd come over and see how I knew you since you live in Mississippi! We went to Miss. State too and to Madison Heights! Thanks for reading and such cute pics! Wish we could have gone to Super Bulldog Weekend! :)
xo, cat

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