Its all becoming so real....

Yesterday one of our good friends had a little boy, Tanner and we went to visit them tonight and he is just precious. She delivered at the same hospital we will deliver at and we went to see the suite room and honestly it all started to sink in. They have one floor that is nothing but mom floors and as we sat in the room talking to both of the new parents I couldnt help but to in about 4-4.5 mths this is going to be us. Its hard to realize that this precious baby that likes to keep me up at nights and kick hard on my belly will be here before we blink it seems like as fast as time has flown by already.

Then we went to go see the baby in the nursery and wow it just hit me hard. Our baby will be in that same nursery.

Then I started thinking and I get to go through labor too which is the part that absolutely terrifies me to no end but I do know its all worth it regardless of how much pain I have to endure but it still scares me. Taking care of a baby, sleepless nights nothing really scares me except labor. Maybe I will have an easy labor like my cousin pushed for about 15 minutes, baby came out but reality does sink in too but Ill take whatever God hands to me to get our precious angel here:)

I also found out while we were there we passed a table that had the info for all the classes and realized I need to get busy on that. They said you need to register for the classes between 16-24 weeks I didnt realize it was so early.

Then one of our good friends has scheduled our first shower for February 20, then we have another one for March 27 and then about 4 more somewhere in between/after with co-workers and family. I feel truly blessed for such amazing friends, & family.

Dont know if anyone else has ever heard of the store but when we were in Washington, DC there was a baby store that was right across the street from our hotel and it was before I was pg or even started the adoption process really. I couldn't remember the name of the store to save my life but finally ran across it today. Its called Buy Buy baby they had some adorable stuff.

We get to go see our little angel a week from today I cant wait such a true miracle from God!


Rosie said...

Yep, it's sure getting close! My shower is on the 20th too!

Dana said...

It will fly by, before you know it your little girl will be in your arms! Don't worry about labor, really. I was so nervous about it too and now looking back, I don't remember half of what happened! You will do great!

Chrissy said...

Labor was my favorite part of the whole experience and the one part I really look forward to doing again. I was scared too because well, it's darn scary. It was amazing though and I really can't wait to experience it all again!!!

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