Today was our 4th OB appointment and baby is doing well. She is a little stubborn baby I dont know where in the world she could ever get that! We got a sonogram today and each time the sono tech tried to see a part of her she would cover it up with her little hands it was so funny. Then all the sudden she yawned oh it was so cute. I told Chad its some of the simple things that you take for granted.

Heartbeat is 152 bpm and is still all girl no doubt at all. I asked the doctor about her not moving for a full 24 hrs or I actually couldnt feel her and she said thats perfectly normal now and told me the trick to wake her up is anything cold. I never knew this, its not the sugar. She told us that ice or anything really cold for some reason helps to get them going and moving so I learned something new. I also found out that I have a anterior placenta which just means that the baby has an extra layer for me to actually get to feel her so she said that could also be the case as well.

I also found out I have another lovely UTI and am being put on medicine until the baby is born to make sure it doesnt make a repeat visit. She was worried that if it came back again it could possibly lead to preterm labor and we sure dont want that.

I go back Feb. 18 (25 wks) and then will go back when Im 28 weeks for the glucose test (oh boy I cant wait I havent heard good things about this) and then after that I start seeing her every 2 weeks and then at 36 wks we start going weekly. She also said that at 28 weeks they will start doing kick counts and I will have to feel the baby kick 5X each hour. Time is sure flying by I cant believe it.

Last but not least she weighs 14 oz. now which she said was perfectly normal so glad to hear that. She was breech at this point which means she is booty down. In order to have a vaginal birth the baby has to be head down. If the baby is still breech closer to birth then I will be getting a c-section so hopefully she will make a turn:)


Breen said...

YAY for a Great appointment!

Andrea said...

What was the reason for this ultrasound? Was there something on the anatomical one that they couldn't see well enough?

Glad she's still all girl! I only had the 20 week U/S with Laura that told us she was a she - and from then on out, I worried that it was wrong - but I didn't get another peek and my biggest fears towards the end was that they were wrong and we'd have to find blue stuff and get rid of all our pink stuff. I was even more worried about that than labor and delivery! ha ha!

Amber said...

Andrea-last appointment they did not get a clear look at her little face due to her position and her sleeping. They wanted to make sure everything was good. I also had a blood sac near the baby sac which was gone last time but they wanted to make absolutely 100% sure it was and its all gone so thats a huge relief as well!

twondra said...

Awww, so glad things are going well!!

Dana said...

So glad your little one is doing so well! It is so reassuring to have those scans and see them, isn't it? I remember when I drank cold drinks Trevor would go crazy too! I'm lucky, my dr. didn't make me do the kick counts- I'm so paranoid I would have driven myself CRAZY :). I just made sure he was moving around like normal everyday.

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