5th OB Appointment & randomness

Well today marked our 5th doctors appointment for Morgan. I must admit it wasnt quite exciting because it was our first time going that we didnt get an ultrasound but we survived somehow or another.

*She had a great heartbeat at 134 bpm a little less than she has had normally but still in the normal range.
*It did not take anytime whatsoever to find her heartbeat at all, the nurse put the doppler on my stomach and found it instantly, first time. She must be growing well:)
*The doctor measured my stomach just from the outside and she said I was measuring 26 weeks so a little ahead.
*Found out I have a white cell bacteria and I had to pee not once but twice that was fun and interesting. The first time for normal to check things and the 2nd time because they have to send it off and see whats causing it. Nothing too alarming but the doctor did want to make sure we treat it so I dont go into preterm labor or anything. I wont get the results back until next week sometime.
*up 17 lbs according to the doctors scale

Next appointment (one Im kind of dreading...) March 11
*glucose test (got the orange flavor) should be interesting to get it all worked out so I can eat regularly with my class, then go to the doctor and do all my bloodwork on the timeframe I have to but I think just maybe it might work as long as I dont puke that stuff up.
*I have to get a RH shot because Chad and I have different blood types and due to that I have to have the shot just in case the baby has Chads blood type. If I didnt get it and the baby had his blood type then they could attack each other and that would not be good.
*will be in my 3rd trimester-oh my where has the time gone!

Then on to the next time I see the doctor (not really an appointment)
*4d ultrasound and its bright and early at 7:20 a.m. March 16 (Tuesday of Spring Break) and Ill be 29 weeks. I cant wait to see her cute little face!

In other randomness....
*tomorrow marks less than 100 days-wow has time flown by!
*Our first baby shower is Saturday I cant wait
*Got to go see our friends little boy last night he is just too cute I cant wait to have one to hold, he is now 6 wks old.
*I feel like I have inherited a whole new wardrobe because I have had so many generous mommies that have let me borrow their maternity clothes
*nursery should be totally finished the week of Spring Break (we both get the week off!) Painters are coming that Monday and then from that point we just have to get the crib assembled, letters done, clothes put away, and any other little odds or ends and well be done but it will be done before we go back Im determined! Spring Break is March 15-19
*really starting to feel the tiredness bug start to creep back up-went to bed at 8 pm last night and thinking that sounds pretty good tonight too:)


Katie said...

Wow, the first appointment where you didn't have an u/s? We only had 3 ultrasounds total--and one of those was before C even had a heartbeat. The heartbeat will get easier and easier for them to find. Wait until you're deep into your 3rd trimester. They'll know where exactly to put the Doppler because Morgan will be too big to move much and will be turned down. Hopefully.

Dana said...

Glad to hear your appointment went well! :)

I've had the orange stuff for my glucose test all three times, and it's actually not so bad. Takes like orange pop only a little sweeter.

Baby Wanted said...

I can't believe tomorrow will leave you in double digits! This pregnancy is breezing by!

Leah said...

Things are really moving! That's great! And how cool that you get a 4D ultrasound! Did you have to request it or is it standard procedure?

Mommy Becoming said...

Yay you have so much exciting stuff going on. I have the orange drink for my glucose test too, the day before you. I'd love to see pictures as your nursery comes together!

Becca said...

Glucose test isn't that bad... And I also had the RhoGAM shot (I am O- and hubby is O+...it's also not that bad.. I had a fear of it because people I had talked to said it was awful. Really wasn't any different than any other shot!)

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