3 hour Glucose Test

Well today was the glucose test I have dreaded for so long. Chad and I got to the check in right t 7 am, I got called back pretty quickly for the first blood draw which was right at 7:20 am. The first blood draw my blood sugar was at 94 and it had to be 126 or below so I passed the first test with flying colors. Had I not passed the first test the glucose test would have been canceled and I would have been sent home.

Then I had to drink the glucose drink (it was orange just like the first one) but it was super duper sugary with 100 grams compared to 50 grams of the first drink. I felt like I was about to puke it out but I told myself I had to hold it down. About 30 minutes later the nurse asked me if I needed some water-oh boy did I ever and it helped a tremendous amount-thank goodness for nurses who are understanding!

So I had to have my blood drawn 3 more times (9:06, 10:06, and 11:06) and also a urine sample each time (total of 4) which I still dont quite understand.

The worst part of it all was my right arm (had it drawn twice in each arm) would not allow the blood to come out and they had to twist the needle in my vein to get out. Yes talk about painful! The left arm seemed to cooperate very well though. Then the other part was the glucose drink I was feeling fine until I had to drink that horrible thing at 8:06 am.

My wonderful husband went to go get lunch right before I was about to get my last blood and urine sample and had it waiting on me which was wonderful.

Overall I dont think it was bad as I had imagined (not to say it was wonderful) but I never felt like I was going to pass out just a little yuck and a little hungry. The nurses were wonderful and so helpful and understanding on everything-oh and water was my lifesaver for sure!

The results are supposed to be back tomorrow I found out from the nurse at my doctors office so hopefully I will get a good result tomorrow!

Nursery pictures up next!

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