Nursery Pictures-Almost Done

Before the work got started on the nursery

After the work (just waiting on a few things)


Leah said...

Wow! It looks so great!!! Love the bedding and the matching valance. And love the wall colors. That is really SUCH a transformation! :-D

Miranda aka Mommy said...

It's so beautiful

Mommy Becoming said...

Very nice, ma'am!

Rosie said...

No wonder you got a professional painter. I LOVE the green wall! So contemporary!! And the bedding is adorable! I'm posting some of mine later, make sure you check it out :)

Onna said...

The nursery looks amazing! What a great job!! It's so beautiful!

Glad you passed the 3 hr. Mine went almost exactly as you posted!


Anonymous said...

that looks so so excited for yall

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