Bump, Set, Spike

Well, Morgan did not cooperate this morning for the 4-D ultrasound. The technician tried and tried, but she had her face up against the placenta so we could not get a good picture. We get to wake up early again Thursday and try again.

We did learn something new about Morgan, though. She is measuring at the 94.9% percentile for height. She is going to be a tall girl. (Maybe a volleyball player?)

Of course my engineer-minded husband figured the calculations, if she stays in that range, she'll be between 5-10 and 5-11 by the age of 20. One day I'm going to have to look up to my baby girl! It's really not a huge surprise. Chad's father was about 6-5 and his half-sister is around 5-10 as well.

The heartbeat was a healthy 159 bpm, and she weighs 3 pounds, 6 ounces. She's measuring at 30 weeks, 1 day, about five days ahead of schedule.


Leah said...

Bummer that she didn't cooperate, but wonderful that she is doing well. :-D Sounds like you have a tall girl on your hands. :-D

Rosie said...

What a little stinker~ Glad she's doing well though! Make sure you post pics of the 4D as soon as you can!

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

LOL! Morgan isn't ready to show momma her pretty face yet!! Hope Thursday goes better! You might have a really tall baby girl on your hands!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Glad Morgan is doing well.Sounds like she just really might turn out to be pretty tall when she grows up! I guess you'll find out in time.

Hope she shows her sweet pretty face tomorrow:) Can't wait to see your 4D pics!!!

twondra said...

So glad it went well!

Mommy Becoming said...

Aw, I hope she cooperates on Thursday! What a let-down for you! Glad she is healthy though.

Kami said...

That stinks that she didn't cooperate. I hope she does on Thursday. She is going to be a big girl!!!


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