30 weeks

edited to add picture. It really was snowing on Sunday (when I took the picture) and then by today (Tuesday) it was almost 80 degrees-our crazy weather!
How Far Along: 30 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss: gain 19.6 lbs overall (+1.2 lbs this week)
Best Moment of the Week: 1)passing the glucose test, 2) getting to see her again, 3) getting the nursery almost complete
Movement: she is one super active little girl. I also figured out what hiccups felt like after reading something and wondering what in the world it was and discovered it was hiccups (it feels like twitchy spasms as one place put it)
Food Craving: nothing (I feel like I can eat everything, so hungry all the time-will this ever end?!)
Food aversions: nothing
Morning sickness: none
Gender: a GIRL-Morgan Elizabeth
Labor Signs: several Braxton hicks contractions -they are becoming a lot more regular now
Belly Button: in
What I miss: sleep (I cant seem to get a good nights rest to save my life, its either Morgan keeping me up or dreams waking me up), & not having heartburn (its kicking my tail!)
What I'm looking forward to: getting to see her again on Thursday (hopefully she will cooperate for the 3rd attempt at the 4-d ultrasound!)
Weekly Wisdom:
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.--Romans 12:12
Milestones: passing the 3 hr glucose test!


Leah said...

Congrats on 30 weeks! I really hope she cooperates during the 3D ultrasound, and of course I hope you post pictures on the blog. :-D

Rosie said...

Just 10 more weeks or less!!! I hope the u/s goes well this next time!

The Pifer's said...

Not much longer!!!!! :)

Just Believing said...

30 wks holy moly its flying by!

More nursery pictures looks so cute!!!

Onna said...

moving right along!
I think this is my favorite weekly picture so far!

Dana said...

Love the pic in the nursery! The nursery is soooo cute btw!!! And don't you just love it when LO gets hiccups! I feel so bad for our little ones but it is soo cute! happy 30 weeks!

Kami said...

30 weeks already??? My goodness!! I am so happy for you. The next few weeks will fly by and soon you will have your little girl in your arms.


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