March Madness

Chad and I always fill out an NCAA Basketball championship bracket. Even though our alma mater just missed making the tournament this year (by 0.1 second), we still kept our little tradition alive.

I admit that Chad follows it a little closer (by a little, I mean, he is doing calculus to figure out who to pick). I am more of a casual observer, and have historically had more success in this little competition.

After the first weekend, I am up 41-40. Chad was up 24-23 after the first round, but I had a better second round and hold on to the lead heading into the Sweet 16. I also have an advantage. While I have Kentucky winning it all, Chad had Kansas, who got beat by Northern Iowa Saturday. So as Kentucky goes, I go. Plus, Kentucky is in the same conference as we are, so we have to cheer for them, right?

Kentucky plays Cornell on Thursday. I always like for the little teams to win, but in this case I really need Kentucky to advance so I can win this spousal competition. Since I had Kansas in the Final Four as well, Northern Iowa can be my "little team that could."


Onna said...

I hate to say that I want KY to lose. :)

Good luck though!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Sounds like you n your hubby are having fun with this:) Hope kentucky wins.. if thats what your hoping

Take care,

Kathryn and Kevin said...

I just finally checked my picks and I can't believe all the upsets. I've never done this bad and this was the 1st year we didn't have a pool at work and thank goodness.

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