Stubborn Child...

What a stubborn child we have on our hands already! We had our 7th OB appointment today and Morgan is just as stubborn as she can be, same place! The tech tried to get her to move, me on my side and nada she just didnt want her picture taken just like her daddy:) We got one picture but honestly you cant tell much of anything. That was our last attempt at the 4-d ultrasound so we just lose our money that we paid, no refund.

She weighed 3 lbs 9 oz. today so she has only gained 1 oz in a whole week. She must be slowing down or something. Her heartbeat was at 136 bpm. She is measuring 1 day ahead of schedule instead of a week.

Before the appointment we went over to the baby gift shop and scored some great deals. We got her letters for her nursery and they were 50% off! They are ceramic letters and they look so cute! We also scored her a little MSU gown that was also 50% off and some little booties. I took pictures of it all and then realized I left the cord at school to my camera so maybe sometime this weekend Ill post a picture.

We had ordered some wood letters for her room that were a lot more expensive and not nearly as cute so we were able to cancel our order and get the cute letters and something a little more unique for our little stubborn girl.

Saturday is our 2nd baby shower, its a church shower and then we will have our 3rd shower on April 10 (family) and then the last shower on April 21 (work). I cant believe how fast these dates have gottten here and how close May 29 is getting here as well.

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