6th OB Appointment

FAIL....Yep thats the results of my glucose test I just cant believe it!!

I have tried to not eat any sugar, no carbs and I still failed the freaking glucose test by 5 pts! I had to have 140 and I had 145. I honestly dont know what I could have done differently quite frankly except just not eat.

So I get to go Wednesday at 7 am (the week of Spring Break) to go and get the 3 hr test so a lovely 3 hrs of my Spring Break donated to sitting in a doctors office...oh I just cant wait (hint of major sarcasm). I cant eat or drink anything after midnight or until Im finished its going to be really tough I drink so much water and always eat breakfast.

For the drink-it tasted like some serious sugar water. I just really dont understand it all. You drink this super sugary drink and are supposed to pass?? I really dont understand and I guess never will I guess.

Then as well as testing your sugar level they also test your iron level and my iron level was too low so I get to take medicine for that too. Mine was 10.4 and its supposed to be 11-14.

Then after getting all the news I get a lovely rhogam shot that stung like something else, it didnt hurt as much going in but whatever is in it, oh my it just start burning.

Morgan is doing fine though, hb was 142 and Im measuring right at 28 weeks. We get to start going to the doctor every 2 weeks from here on out, cant believe its already time for it.


Baby Wanted said...
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Baby Wanted said...

I'm sorry, that really stinks that you failed especially by 5 pts. I also wondered how come they make you drink pure sugar and then test your levels. They probably want to see how your body reacts to the sugar.

Good luck! Sorry you have to give up 3 hours. AND YAY! for hubby feeling the baby!

We must have similar taste because we have the same background. I just did it before I commented on your blog!! :)

Andrea said...

Iron pills? Start taking some colace or some metamucil... you'll be SO constipated if you don't!

My office uses a cut off of 135...so when I got a 139 it qualified as a FAIL! Ugh.

Make sure you take something to eat for after the 3 hr test... I took my whole lunch and scarfed it down in the car before I left the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

dangit i have to have the rhogam shot too.... i didnt know its going to hurt!!

Henriettæ said...

I'm sorry to hear you failed your test! :( I hope the three hour one goes better!

Here in Sweden, they only do the 3 hour test (no eating past midnight), but only for those who have relatives with diabetes (like me), or are in some other risk group.

The reason they give you a sugary drink is because they want to see how your body reacts to sugar. If your body is normal, it absorbs the sugar fast and the glucose level (=sugar in your blood) gets back to normal quickly. If your body doesn't react like it should, it can't absorb the glucose, and thus the levels in your blood stay higher longer.
They have to add the sugar in order to measure how quickly it absorbs, that's why they give you a sugar drink (but really, it's not that bad - tastes like over-sweetened ice tea! At least ours, because they added lemon flavor to it!)

Leah said...

Bummer about the glucose test. I get mine in a month, and I'm a bit nervous myself. I also have to have the rhogam shot as I'm RH Negative. I've heard from so many people that it really hurts. Bummer!

Dana said...

I am so sorry about the glucose test!!! I know having to do it again stinks majorly!!!! Thinking about you and hoping you pass the 3 hour test!!!

Rosie said...

What a crappy way to start your spring break! On the bright side, you are SO close with your points that it seems like it will be super easy to correct...right? I sure hope the 3 hr test isn't too aweful! I thought I would fail it as much sugar as I eat, but I lucked out. I guess it's one of those mysterious things our body decides on it's own.

twondra said...

My sister had the same thing as you! Failed by only 8 points and iron was low. She ended up passing the 3-hour. Hope things go well!!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Sorry about having to do the 3 hour test. I hope it goes well.. considering all.

I also had my glucose test done early last week, and I just got I call from my Dr's Nurse yesterday telling me that my Iron levels are low and to take "Slow FE" (an iron pill). That was no shock to me that my iron was low. Its been low off and on since I was a kid.

My mom is a RN, and also suggested I take something for constipation. Because taking Iron usually causes that. Just Great!LOL

I'm glad to hear that you and baby morgan are over all doing good though:)

take care little mama!!!

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