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Well since I have been tagged twice for this by Sally and Nikki I guess I should fulfill the duty :) Bascially, I have to list 7 things that are going on with me right now! Life is super, super busy with a baby on the way and then also with Spring Break this week as well.

1) Tomorrow is the big start to the nursery I absolutely cant wait! The painter is coming first thing in the morning and then let the fun start. Everything got moved out of the nursery and is in the middle of our living and dining room area until they are finished but I cant wait to see it all finished!

2) Tuesday we get to see little Morgan for the 4-d ultrasound I absolutely cant wait to see if she will cooperate or not with us I sure hope she will so we can get a good close up of what she looks like. She has been so stubborn lately that Im wondering if she will cooperate in the same manner she has and put her hand over her face so we cant see her-such a silly little girl!

3) This week will be major cleaning/getting things together and making sure every little spec is cleaned and organized because I know this will be the last opportunity we will have to get it all done before she comes. I really cant believe that if she came when she was full term (37 weeks) she could be here in 8 weeks, time is passing quickly.

4) Wednesday morning at 7 am I go to do my 3 hr glucose test I am not looking forward to it at all. The more people I talk to the more common Im seeing it but it doesnt make it any better. A girl at church who is also pg and due a month after me told me that with her first child she was 40 pts over for the 1 hr test and still passed the 3 hr test so that makes me feel a little better but Im really not excited at all about doing it and fasting for what will be an entire almost 12 hrs by the time Im finished. I just hope I pass!

5) we start our birthing classes a week from tomorrow. I still cant believe that it could be so close but Im definitely looking forward to it and maybe it will help me relax maybe just a little or at least feel a little more prepared. Ive started looking at all kinds of labor stories and it makes me a bit nervous for certain. I dont worry about being a mom or anything like that I just worry about labor like crazy (especially getting closer to the end). I keep getting told over and over that its really no big deal but well see soon enough.

6) My plan for Spring Break is to plan out the rest of the school year in case I end up going early or for any reason have to be put on bedrest (I sure hope not!!). I think getting it all planned out would make me a little nervous about things.

7) Ive come to the conclusion that our little pup Brownie must be really starting to realize something is going on. She has been up to my side and my little shadow like never before. She is also a lot more careful around my baby bump. A few weeks ago she would jump right on my stomach and I would have to catch her from not hurting me but maybe she is starting to get the point. I think she is also starting to figure out (maybe) that she wont be the baby anymore and a new addition is coming soon.

Now Im going to tag Dana, Rosie, Leah, Tina, Hannah, Megan, Heather
If anyone else would like to do it feel free to tag yourself :)


Leah said...

Thanks for passing this on to me. I'll have to do this on my blgo this week. My list will look a lot like yours. Baby prep!!! Can't wait to see the nursery. :-D

Kami said...

I am so excited for you!!! I love the name Morgan. That is my grandmothers maiden name. Good luck with your glucose test.


Mommy Becoming said...

I forgot to tell you, I love the new layout of your blog! Very cute. It's so exciting that you get a good US of Morgan! I would have loved to, but the cost was prohibitive. Good luck on the three hour test. It wasn't super fun but I'm praying that both of us pass!

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