Glucose Results-PASS!

Well I got my results back from the glucose test and I PASS!!! For the results I failed the 2 hr test but you had to pass 2 out of the 3 test in order to be considered as passing the test and I passed the 1 hr and 3 hr so Im good to go. They did tell me that I just need to watch my carbs and sugars to moderate and make sure I dont go overboard but at least I passed!

Just for numbers-
Fasting was 94 (had to be 126 or less)-PASS
1 hr-182 (had to be 190 or less)-PASS
2 hr-177 (had to be 165 or less)-FAIL
3 hr-135 (had to be 145 or less) -PASS

For the 4-d ultrasound Little Morgan still didnt want to cooperate with us and while she was moving it just wasnt the right way. The ultrasound technician was so nice and has agreed to do it for the 3rd time free since she has not cooperated either time and we are doing it in the afternoon at our next appointment on March 25 (week from today) so hopefully she will cooperate I hope! She has gained another 2 ounces and is up to an even 3 and a half pounds.


Rosie said...

Yay for passing!

Leah said...

Wonderful news that you passed! Yay!

Mommy Becoming said...

Yay I'm glad you passed! I don't know what the numbers were, honestly. I didn't ask the nurse much when she called me because I was at work. But now I have about 100 questions floating around!

Sarah'sSmile said...

Watch your carbs! I passed the 1 hour with flying colors...then ended up with GD :(

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Glad you passed!!! Hopefully little morgan will let you see her pretty face next time:)

twondra said...

Yay for passing!!!

Stacey said...

Great news, Amber!

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