8th OB Appointment

Well I must admit that appointments are getting very routine, not much really happening or going on. Today was just the same but a different order. Usually they take the urine sample, weigh you, wait in the 2nd waiting room for a while, get called back to the doctor, wait some more then see the doctor then head out.

Well today was totally reversed and I wish all doctors visits were like that. We went back in record time, then saw the doctor, did the urine sample (waited for about a minute in the 2nd waiting room) then headed home. Super quick appointment that I love!

So Morgan is measuring right on target for 32 weeks. Found out that I will be receiving no more ultrasounds unless something happens. Then also found out that my doctor will wait until 41 weeks and if she is not here by then, then she will induce. So she will definitely be here at the latest by June 5 but I sure hope that she arrives sooner than that! Im so ready to meet her.

Also we got a pediatrician as well! We had one pediatrician that it seemed like everyone was recommending but she wasnt taking new patients. Well we called back today to get with another one our OB recommended and it turns out that this doctor just decided to take on a few new patients yesterday-yeah! We will have to meet with her two weeks after Morgan is born but Im so excited we have someone lined up now. One thing checked off the to-do list.

In other news-we went to our 3rd birthing class and I finally learned something new. It was about c-section and epidural and yikes just the pictures of c-section scare me to no end but I know if thats what it takes to get her here then I will survive. The epidural needle that they actually showed was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be either. The best part of the night was when they broke up the mom and dads and the moms won by a tie-breaker. What did the guys have to do? Give the moms to be a massage, that was heavenly :)


Rosie said...

I loved the routine appointments b/c it was an excuse to leave work. lol. I'm sorry that you would have to wait till 41 wks though-that's not fun! Yay for getting a pedi. I forgot that female babies don't meet them right away. Male babies meet them the 2nd day for their circumcision.
And unlike you, I would MUCH rather have a c-section that to push a human out of me! HAHA!

Baker said...

After having 2 c-sections I would have MUCH rather have gone the other way! Of course, I've never given birth the other way so I really don't know but I do know recovering from a section is no piece of cake! :)
Anyway, you will be ok no matter which way you have Morgan! And hopefully she'll be on time.

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