Church Shower

This is from our church shower on March 27cake and some of the food-more came later
some of the wonderful ladies
one of the gifts-a tub of goodies
other pg mommies in our church (4 of the 10) l-r (Nikki-pg with twins, me, Sally-due 3 days before me, Brittney-due in July)
three generations-grandma (moms mom, me, mom)
gifts we got in her nursery
the name plaque one of our friends made for us-love it!


Rosie said...

Hey! Sally wore the same dress as me at my shower!lol.
Looks like you had a very nice shower :)

Onna said...

Looks like a wonderful shower. I love that name plague that's adorable. You racke dup again!!

Leah said...

So many wonderful gifts. And I really love the nursery! (I think I've said that before) The color palat is just beautiful. :-D

Baby Wanted said...

I love the is darling! The nursery looks great!

Dana said...

It looks like you had a great time at your shower! And look at all of the pg. girls! It is so fun to have friends who are pg at the same time as you are-you can share in the fun times and misery together :). Love Morgan's nursery!

Jill said...

Looks like you had a beautiful shower and so many great gifts!

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