13th OB Appointment

Well today we went in for what I thought would be our last OB appointment but unless she comes soon it wont be.

Her heartbeat was measuring at 145 bpm. Doctor checked my cervix and absolutely nothing she had a hard time even finding my cervix so yep NO dialation and same as last week on effacement.

I started the discussion about inducing and my doctor is very against it. She was telling us that if we were to induce now I would be setting myself up for a csection having no dialation and very little effacement and well inducing when you have nothing going on is very tough on your body.

Im convinced Morgan just doesnt want to come and meet us, she is just too comfy in my belly. We have an appointment on Wednesday and will also get a sonogram then as well. She will check everything and also see how big she is measuring at which Im guessing she is getting pretty close to 9 lbs now. Im guessing that next Wednesday or Thursday Ill be getting induced and more than likely getting a csection with the nada of progress my body is making.

In other news we are having some family come down this weekend, they were thinking we would have a baby but not such a thing so maybe that will help pass the time quickly.


Miranda said...

ok my inner Doula is coming out:

Possible ways to naturally 'induce'
-nipple stimulation
-pressure points (above the heal on your feet)
-red raspberry leaft tea
-evening primrose oil
-castor(sp) oil

Try some (if not all) and hopefully something will happen.

Katie said...

The last one on that list seemed to work for us. ;)

Dana said...

Hang in there...I know it is hard! It was hard for me!!! And try not to stress about an induction or a c-section. Mine were fine. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me :D dmlivingston at ymail dot com!!!! Thinking about you and hoping things start happening soon!!!!

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