Happy Anniversary

So yesterday we celebrated our 7th anniversary (has it really been that long..my oh my how time flies!) and I still cant believe its been that long. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday and then somedays it does seem like 7. I couldnt imagine being married to a more perfect husband and in just a few days we will get to put a whole new title to our marriage-parents!

A few pictures..
May 24, 2003

2003-at one of our friends weddings
2003-trip to Atlanta right before Christmas

2004- MSU vs. Maine game

2005- MSU vs. Alabama game
ICE at Gaylord Opryland

2006-Titans game (when we lived in Nashville)



Memphis, TN (Dave Matthews Concert)

2009-St. Louis, Missouri

Washington, DC

2010-soon to come-Morgan Elizabeth!

Its interesting to see how much we have changed just over the past 7 years. We have had lots of fun together and cant wait to share in new memories to come!


Michelle said...

What a great idea with the pictures. I might have to copy! Cant wait to see 2010's picture!

Jenny said...

yay! happy anniversary!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary! We were married the same day.

Kathryn and Kevin said...

I'm in Chicago. We could have got together. Next time!

Rosie said...

Happy (late) Anniversary. Coincidence...Derek and I started dating on that exact day 7 years ago. :)
Loved the pictures!

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